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          ABOUT US
          CONTACT US
          Add:No.55,Yuwangshan Rd,Beilun,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China
          Company Culture

          Rights and Wrongs – Users are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves.

          Development Concept – Entrepreneurship and innovation spirits

          Interests Concept – Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination


          Our quality policy
          Pursuit of the international advanced technology, improving quality target, based on scientific management, continuous improvement for constant, satisfy the customer higher requirements.
          Our principle of management
          Unswervingly implement the brand strategy,improve customers service by good faith practical, enhancing the product quality, continuous innovation to expand market share.
          Our spirit of enterprise
          Integrity, dedication, unity, and innovation.
          Enterprise development goals,
          Short term: development become one of the most powerful domestic mould manufacturer.
          Long-term: one of the world excellent mould manufacturers.
          Our mission
          Develop and create the first-class mould, make "Sanwave mould" international recognition of China's mould brand, to promote the China die casting industry to make due contributions to prosperity and local economic development.
          Our core values
          Cast excellent quality, Yang gold medal quality.
          Our talent idea
          Good for this, the right person to the appropriate location, employees with enterprise common development space for development.
          Our customers idea
          Customer is the most precious resources, is the Sanwave reason to exist. Customer needs, Sanwave. In the eyes of customers, our every employee representative Sanwave.
          Our survival idea
          By heart, honest personhood, caution, keep the dream and passion, with energy infusion to realize enterprise and individual creativity.
          Concept of corporate profits
          Profit is to realize the enterprise growth and all other possible gas station with the target values.
          Our global idea
          Company's interests above all else, obey orders, listen to the command.
          Business enterprise principle of doing things
          Do meaningful, specific goals, focus on long-term development; The credit is not surprised, never give up.
          Our style of work
          The things of the day in the day.
          Corporate code of conduct
          It will line, in deed.
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